Hurt and Healing

It’s been a very long time since I wrote something. I have been so caught up with things happening around. Life’s been like a roller-coaster ride. There have been so many thoughts on my mind but it’s been a chaos. Over these few months i have been thinking of what I can write about, but not written anything to post. So finally here I am writing hoping my thought will just flow as I write.

My first born son, had his summer vacations for 3 months and I have had my hands full these 3 months with my son Samuel and daughter Abigail; who turned 2 years this may. We made a trip to Velannkani ; and visited all the shrines and churches there dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. On our way back to Bangalore we also visited the church in Poondi where there is the Relic of The True Cross. It has been a blessed trip.

I have also had difficulty with letting go of the hurt I have been caused by my mother. She has been so insensitive to my feelings. Its been a great struggle for me spiritually to come to a point where I have finally decided to give this hurt and pain in the Lord’s hands and let his healing flow. Though I have made a confession about my hurt feelings I know I have to forgive my mom every-time she hurts me. I take this as a test of my faith; so I can grow closer to my Saviour.



Motherhood, the most rewarding, the most challenging and the most Blessed vocation.
As a mother we have been entrusted little souls in our care for a short while and it is duty to raise them and mould them into individuals that God created them to be. So that they can fulfill the  Lord’s purpose for them.The society and today’s culture often tell us that it is not possible for us to raise Courageous men and women of God. If a child is questioned what he/she wants to be when they grow up and if they reply that they want to be Doctors, Engineers or even Scientist; then they are applauded and their parents are complimented for the way the children are raised. But, if the child says he/she wants to be a Priest, Nun, Missionary or Pope; then such things become a subject of mockery.

Why do we think that our children can be anything; can take any course in life but believe that they can’t walk the path that leads them to sanctity and holiness. We as mothers are raising the next generation of World Leaders, Politicians, Doctors, Entrepreneurs. So why don’t we believe that we can raise the next generation of Holy people and Saints.
We are so concerned and fretting about the schools and colleges our children would study in. We are worried about the careers they would choose. And we want the best for them in all these areas of life and we would sacrifice everything to get them there. But, when it comes to their souls we are so lax. We ignore the possible danger these little ones face when it comes to their souls being saved. How would the children choose to follow the Lord if they are not taught to. It is our duty as mothers to nourish them spiritually. We never for once ignore nourishing their bodies with the elaborate meals we prepare but we don’t put in that kind of time and energy to nourish their souls.

The Lord has blessed me to be a mother of two little children and I take it in my stride to raise them not just physically and intellectually strong but also spiritually. I look on the Lord to give me His Grace to raise children who would live their lives saying “fiat” to whatever Our God asks of them.

I know Our Blessed Mother is with me in my journey. Since there is no one who knows better the joys and struggles of motherhood than the one who raised The Son of God.

An Appeal to the Catholic Mothers of Daughters.

An Appeal to the Catholic Mothers of Daughters.

If you don’t know it already, your daughter is a child of God and her body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

~ If you haven’t said so already, she needs to know that her choices in clothes ought to be decided based on what’s on the pages of the Holy Book, rather than on the latest magazines.

~ If you haven’t shown her by your example already, she needs to be taught how modesty and virtue go hand in hand.

~ And if I haven’t told you already, you need to know not to come to Church with your daughters wearing clothes that are smaller than the hangers.

Skirts that are narrower than belts, jeans that are tighter than skin and necklines with such deep plunges that even we women would be embarrassed to look.

God takes you seriously enough to pay such a high price for you on the Cross. Don’t belittle this supreme sacrifice by wearing little clothes during Mass.

Dress your daughter as though you’re dressing the Virgin Queen. You don’t need to adhere to her vintage but you most certainly need to adhere to her virtue of modesty

On Overcoming Sin

There have been times that I have made resolutions and never been able to keep them up, no matter how hard I tried. I have realized that our weak flesh fails not once, but over and over again.

Though I know the Catholic Church’s teaching on sin and virtue; it is still so difficult to cultivate virtue and give up sin. But the Good News is there is hope with Our Lord. Every sin has a corresponding virtue. If we have to only gaze up Our Saviour and ask his help to grow in virtue and overcome sin then it really will not be that hard on us. And to help us on our way we have Our Lady and all The Saints interceding for us. And also Our Dear Guardian Angel who is with us to keep us company on our way; and to keep a careful watch over us so that we are not separated from Christ.

The Seven Capital Sins and Their Corresponding Virtue

Sin                                                                               Virtue

Pride                                                                            Humility

Greed                                                                           Liberality

Lust                                                                             Chastity

Anger                                                                          Meekness

Gluttony                                                                      Temperance

Envy                                                                            Brotherly Love

Sloth                                                                            Diligence

A Million Little Blessings

The other day I was reading God’s word with my first born son Samuel who is 5 years old. As I was explaining the word to him we started discussing on all our blessings.
My son who was counting all his blessings on his little fingers included everything the Lord had given him, and the best was when he said his little sis Abigail was the biggest blessing in his life.

As I was listening to him I realized how often we forget to count our blessings. We talk and think about all that we don’t have and forget to thank Our Heavenly Father for all that his providence has given to us.
There is so much we learn from children; their simplicity and humility is truly inspiring and encouraging.

Now am looking on Mama Mary to make me childlike; to intercede for me to have a heart to love and thank the Lord continually.


There have been times when I have been so inspired by the lives of Saints and in my heart wanted to be like them. Wanted to have the passion to lay my life and all I have for God’s glory.
There have also been times; I have thought if I would be in a different situation or had a better life than what I already do then it would be easy for me to truly sanctify ever moment.
But the truth is, we can attain sanctity by just doing our daily mundane activities. We can attain holiness by the floor we mop, the diapers we change, the laundry we do, the meals we prepare and mostly importantly by the love we give to our families and those around us. Like Mother Theresa says; ” Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

And in this journey of attaining sanctity we do have the greatest help that we could ask for. We have our Blessed Mother, and all the saints who intercede for us. The Legion of Angels and our guardian angel that help us in our journey. The Mighty Holy Spirit that leads our way and guides us. And above all Our Powerful Saviour whom we only have to follow.

Knowing this; should I then be asking for better circumstances to attain Holiness?

A Loving Father

There was a time in my life when I had no clue where I was heading. I was like a ship without a rudder. That’s what happens when we do not have the Lord in our lives. Then there came a time when things changed, and its bound to change for the Lord says “I will never leave you nor forsake you. I have carved you on the palm of my hands.” Isaiah 49: 15-16. Like the Return of the Prodigal Son I was a prodigal daughter returning to my Father. Only to realize that my Father had been waiting for me with arms wide open even before I decided to come back to him.

And from where I am today I clearly see his outstretched hand always over my life, as his word says “My presence shall go before thee” Exodus 33: 14  And true to his word; he has always been guiding my path and moulding me to be a wife and mother. I sometimes wonder if I am worthy at all to be so blessed. But I know our worth is because of Him who shed his blood for us on the cross.
Now I can boldly say that what lies ahead does not make me anxious anymore.
Wherever my Lord takes me would be the best place for me to be. In fact it would be the best compared to what I would choose for myself.